How does BLUECHXP work?

BLUECHXP allows you to make simulated stock picks and use the simulated profits from those picks to level up. For each level you achieve, you earn $50 in real money to trade or invest! Once you’ve reached the PRO level and have accumulated $500 in real trading funds, you are able to withdraw the $500.

How do I withdraw?

Once you’ve leveled up to PRO and have filled the ‘Real Funds Earned’ meter, you are able to withdraw your $500. Our team will then work with you to transfer the funds.

Why is there sometimes a delay when I end a pick?

Stocks trade at different volumes, known as liquidity. If the liquidity is low or the volume of a particular stock is low, there may be a delay in fetching that stock’s latest price and data. A pick will never be delayed longer than 20 minutes during market open.

What is a wallet reset?

A wallet reset gives you the ability to reset your simulated wallet dollars to $0 if you have a negative balance.

What are the CHXPs for? 

Each pick costs one CHXP. You earn one free CHXP each day, and we plan to add more fun opportunities to earn CHXPs in the future. 

What if I missed entering an invite code?

Please open a support request in-app and state the invite code you meant to use. i.e. “Please add invite code ‘winner’ to my account.” 

Why do I go back a level if my wallet falls below -$1,000?

We include risk criteria to help you improve your risk management skills. There are real consequences when trading, so we want to give you the ability to create good trading habits to help you avoid losing real money in the stock market.

Why is the loss limit -$1,000? The threshold is at -$1,000 because a good rule of thumb is 2% downside protection. (2% of the $50,000 making up your five slots is $1000) This keeps losses manageable and keeps your trading account alive for the next day of trading. Always trade for tomorrow.